bat biodiversity partnership - About us


"Working in Partnership with conservation NGOs we are helping to embed biodiversity into the business and across our global supply chain"

David Christian, Group Head of Environment, Health & Safety, British American Tobacco

Tobacco is the essential raw material for British American Tobacco’s business. Like all crops, tobacco impacts on, and depends on, biodiversity and ecosystem services. The business relies on the farmers and rural communities who grow the crop, and the wider ecosystems on which they depend such as the soils, water and forests in the landscapes where tobacco is grown.    

Agriculture as a whole occupies more than 50 per cent of all habitable land on Earth. Projected increases in world population and demand for food and beverages, fibres and biofuels will require both further expansion of agricultural land and intensification of production, so the relationship of agriculture to conservation is a vitally important global issue. Conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems cannot be left to protected areas alone; it is also essential in landscapes that are managed for human needs.

The British American Tobacco Biodiversity Partnership seeks to address some of the challenging issues surrounding the conservation and management of biodiversity, within agricultural landscapes and the ecosystems on which they depend.