bat biodiversity partnership - Scope of our work

From 2011 onwards, we are focusing in greater depth on four themes relating to biodiversity and ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes, and specifically in tobacco-growing and mixed agricultural landscapes and the wider ecosystems on which they depend.

To this end, the Partnership’s mission is to invest in strategic and influential actions to leverage wider change, deliver ‘on-the-ground’ solutions while raising awareness of biodiversity and ecosystem services issues.

In changing the understanding and behaviour of both internal and external stakeholders, the Partnership hopes to have influence beyond its boundaries, contributing to the global sustainability agenda.

Our four key themes

The scope of our activities are focused on the following key themes:

  • Landscapes and livelihoods
  • Forests and trees
  • Water
  • Soil

The intended outcomes and actions of these themes are outlined below.

Scope: To develop landscape-level interventions that support biodiversity, ecosystem health and sustainable livelihoods.
Areas to address:Intended measures:  Actions:
  • Land use planning and change;
  • Catchment management; 
  • Local climate change and ecosystem resilience; and 
  • Valuing biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Delivery against:

  • Biodiversity and landscape health indicators; and
  • Specific sustainability indicators.
The Partnership aims to demonstrate the business case for a landscape-scale approach. Tobacco is normally grown in agricultural and forest mosaics with small-scale farms and a wide range of stakeholders. The sustainability of agriculture relates to the sustainability of the landscapes where it is grown.
Forests and trees
Scope: To reduce unsustainable use of forests and restore natural forests.
Areas to address:Intended measures: 
  • Reducing forest degradation;
  • Restoring and managing natural forests and tree species in decline; and
  • Reviewing agroforestry strategies.

Delivery against:

  • Biodiversity and forest-related; and
  • Specific sustainability indicators
The Partnership will support British American Tobacco activities around forests and trees that are designed to ensure maximum impact for biodiversity and ecosystem services and local communities.
Scope: To enhance freshwater ecosystem services, through improved catchment and water management.
Areas to address:Intended measures: 
  • Aquatic ecosystem health and biodiversity;
  • Ground and surface water supply and sustainability;
  • Watershed function; and
  • Reduced agricultural pollution and sedimentation.

Delivery against:

  • Biodiversity and water-related ecosystem health indicators; and
  • Specific sustainability indicators.
The Partnership will help British American Tobacco to understand the sustainability risks associated with water, and will support water and catchment management projects.
Scope: To promote practices to enhance soil health and biodiversity.
Areas to address:Intended measures: 
  • Sustainable soil fertility management;
  • Soil organic matter and structure; and
  • Soil erosion control.

Delivery against:

  • Biodiversity and soil-related ecosystem health indicators; and
  • Specific sustainability indicators.
This theme lies largely within the scope of British American Tobacco’s existing approach to good agricultural practices. Nonetheless, managing soil health forms an essential part of a holistic approach to ecosystem services and landscape or catchment-scale interventions.