bat biodiversity partnership - Projects: 2011 - 2015

From 2011 – 2015 the partnership concentrated on fewer projects, larger in scope and ambition than projects worked on previously. These larger-scale projects were focused on British American Tobacco’s leaf operations and in priority locations identified by all four partners. We worked on four themes (landscapes, forest and trees, water and soil) relating to biodiversity and ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes, specifically in tobacco-growing mixed agricultural landscapes.

The partners worked on two types of projects:

Operational projects

The operational; projects were focused in areas where British American Tobacco had leaf-growing operations and were largely formed as a result of Biodiversity Risk and Opportunity Assessments (BROA) and Action and Monitoring Plans. The BROAs not only identified issues faced by British American Tobacco, but also opportunities to address wider impacts and dependencies of sustainable agriculture on biodiversity and ecosystems services in the areas where British American Tobacco operates.

Some of the issues identified by BROA are often part of larger issues in a wider agricultural landscape and cannot be tackled alone by the Partnership or British American Tobacco. However, we believe they can be jointly addressed by collaboration between the Partnership and other local stakeholders, such as governments, communities, universities, other NGOs and businesses.

Through working together and acting as a catalyst, the Partnership aimed to address wider impacts and dependencies on biodiversity and ecosystem services, and encourage sustainable agricultural production for the benefit of both present and future generations.

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Aligned projects

The Partnership’s programme of work also sought to deliver the NGO Partners’ conservation and biodiversity management aims within the context of agricultural landscapes and the wider ecosystems on which they depend. These Aligned projects were delivered independently by each Partner:

  • Fauna & Flora International’s Aligned programme of work focused on climate adaptation and valuing biodiversity and ecosystem services, to build resilience in complex agricultural landscapes.
  • Earthwatch’s research on biodiversity and ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes featured work in both Brazil and India;
  • By improving and developing capability within sub-Saharan Africa, the Tropical Biology Association is helping to manage impacts and provide solutions in agricultural and forest landscapes of importance to ecosystem services.
"For Term 3, our ambition is to work with a larger number of stakeholders to make an even greater impact on addressing biodiversity and ecosystem impacts in agricultural landscapes."
Jim Kirke, Leaf Sustainability Manager, British American Tobacco