bat biodiversity partnership - Africa

Conservation capacity building

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Helping biologists and practitioners influence and impact biodiversity conservation through Tropical Biology Association field courses and tailor-made training programmes, taught by leading international scientists and conservation experts.

The International Gorilla Conservation Programme

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Providing ongoing technical and financial support to the International Gorilla Conservation Programme.

Ecological Monitoring Programme in Malawi

Case study
Developing and implementing a long-term programme to monitor the ecosystem health of the Mulanje Mountain Biosphere Reserve; engage local communities; and develop the capacity of local conservationists.

Earthwatch African Capacity Building Programme

Case study
Building local conservation capacity by funding practical field experience and scientific training opportunities for promising scientists and conservationists in Africa, so they can deliver biodiversity conservation within their home countries/regions.

Ecosystem monitoring, restoration and sustainable management in tobacco growing areas in Uganda

Case study
Owing to the significant pressure on forests and watersheds in Uganda, the Partnership, through the Tropical Biology Association and its partner in Uganda, is working with British American Tobacco Uganda to help farmers to better manage their local ecosystems.

Assessing the impact of fertilised agriculture in tobacco-growing landscapes in Uganda

A preliminary study to assess the impacts of fertilised agriculture in tobacco growing areas in Western Uganda led to the development of a tool to assess and monitor freshwater quality.

Building capacity to address priority conservation concerns in Africa

Providing NGOs across Africa with access to Fauna & FIora International personnel for information, resources and technical support to enable them to track emerging conservation issues, review lessons learned and secure funding for local conservation activities.

Institutional strengthening of the East African Wild Life Society (EAWLS)

Enabling the EAWLS to consolidate its position as a leading East African NGO, through continued work with Fauna and FIora International and supporting the implementation of a three-year strategic plan.

Conservation and sustainable use of the fynbos flora in South Africa

Supporting the development of the Flower Valley Conservation Trust which addresses the fynbos’ conservation priorities, with particular emphasis on the region’s remote Agulhas Plain. Achieved through a wide-ranging, comprehensive series of activities and provision of technical and management support.

Conservation of great apes’ habitat in Nigeria and Cameroon

Consolidating the protection of great apes and their habitats in the forests along the Cameroon–Nigeria border.

Enhancing the conservation of Lake Victoria, Kenya

Promoting the conservation and responsible use of Lake Victoria wetlands through a coordinated mechanism/strategy. Raising regional awareness and advocacy on the importance of wetlands, the services they provide and the livelihoods they support.

Developing a new generation of conservation NGOs in South Africa

Providing ResourceAfrica with technical and financial support to enable it to become one of the region’s foremost biodiversity conservation and rural development NGOs. ResourceAfrica operates in South Africa at a local level on community-based initiatives, and more widely throughout Africa.