bat biodiversity partnership - Asia

Watershed protection and reforestation on Lombok

Case study
Improving watershed management by restoring and protecting a critical watershed; developing a method for monitoring wood use during the transition to coal curing; and holding biodiversity workshops for staff.

Trans-boundary conservation of the cao vit gibbon

Case study
Protecting the existence and habitat of the cao vit gibbon, one of the world’s rarest mammals, through awareness-raising, reducing dependency on forest resources, and scientific research on gibbon ecology.

South East Asian bat conservation research

Case study
Providing an organisational framework to promote the conservation of South East Asia’s diverse but threatened bat fauna, supporting long-term conservation research, and enhancing local research capacity.

South East Asia Programme: Orangutan conservation

Case study
Developing collaborative management systems for orangutan conservation in West Kalimantan, Borneo. This project is led by Fauna & Flora International in partnership with government, Indonesian NGOs and academic partners and uses the orangutan as the ‘flagship species’ for forest conservation.

South East Asia Programme: Capacity Building

Case study
The Tropical Biology Association provided training and support to conservation managers and scientists to enable individuals and institutions to have substantial impact on the management of tropical forests and related ecosystem services in South East Asia.

South East Asia Programme: Research

Case study
Programme led by Earthwatch supporting research on the maintenance of ecosystem services to impact management guidelines for forest regeneration projects. In West Kalimantan, this project supports ongoing biodiversity assessment by Fauna & Flora International and helps regional planning.

Monitoring the impacts on natural forests during the transition of curing fuel from kerosene to coal

Creating a method to monitor the use of wood by Export Leaf Indonesia (ELI) contract farmers during the transition from kerosene to coal, through a partnership involving the University of Mataram, ELI and Fauna & Flora International. This aims to reduce impacts on natural forests during the transition.

Restoring natural forest from eucalyptus in Sri Lanka

Providing technical advice to develop a monitoring programme and management plans for the transition from eucalyptus plantation to native forest in areas licensed to Ceylon Tobacco Company.

Biodiversity workshop in Indonesia

Educating and raising awareness and knowledge of biodiversity to all Export Leaf Indonesia’s employees and enabling them to integrate biodiversity concerns into their daily business decision-making.

Shared learning and development – enhancing conservation in Asia

Providing NGO and government partners in Asia with access to Fauna & Flora International personnel for information, resources and technical support, enabling them to track emerging conservation issues, review lessons learned and secure funding for local conservation activities.

Cebu Biodiversity Conservation Programme, the Philippines

Assisting the Cebu Biodiversity Conservation Foundation to develop and implement a wide-ranging biodiversity conservation programme on Cebu Island, the Philippines, one of the world’s highest conservation priority areas.

Capacity building for conservation in China

Working with NGOs and communities to increase capacity for conservation in China, particularly in the agricultural landscapes surrounding protected areas.