bat biodiversity partnership - Objectives of the Partnership

The Partnership’s mission is to act as a catalyst, combining the knowledge, skills and resources of the four Partners to leverage positive change in understanding and behaviour among stakeholders. We seek to use our combined resources and expertise to conserve the natural resources on which we all depend.

The British American Tobacco Biodiversity Partnership is part of British American Tobacco’s approach to sustainability. The way the business manages its impact and dependency on biodiversity is one of its environmental priorities. British American Tobacco's business depends on biodiversity for continued access to resources such as water, healthy soils and timber.

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"Drawing on our network of partners and expertise, we are helping British American Tobacco to manage its impacts more effectively and share best practice with other relevant stakeholders."
Rosie Trevelyan, Director, Tropical Biology Association

 Since 2001, the Partnership has been working towards:

  • Embedding biodiversity assessment, management and conservation into British American Tobacco’s business culture and operations; 
  • Improving conservation of biodiversity in areas of mutual interest to the Partners to protect and restore habitats and species and ensure sustainable use of natural resources; 
  • Building capacity of individuals, organisations and local stakeholders around conservation; 
  • Developing and implementing tools to monitor, manage and restore biodiversity and ecosystems services upon which we depend; and
  • Addressing global agendas and conservation priorities through cross-sector information exchange.
"We regard the Partnership as a powerhouse of innovation, pushing forward the agenda of biodiversity and sustainable ecosystems."
Paul Laird, Corporate Partnerships Manager, Earthwatch

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£1.5 million a year
in funding from British American Tobacco
(between 2006-2015)