bat biodiversity partnership - Management of the Partnership

With the renewal of the Partnership for a further five years from 2011, our programme management structures have recently been reviewed, updated and streamlined.

Four main groups, each with a distinct set of responsibilities, ensure the Partnership's principles and objectives are applied in an appropriate manner. They are:

  • A Partnership Board, responsible for the strategic direction of the Partnership;
  • A Programme Team, responsible for overseeing and implementing our programme of work;
  • On-the-ground Project Teams; and
  • An independent assurance provider.

Partnership Board

To strengthen our own governance and strategic management, we appointed a Partnership Board in 2011. The board comprises senior executives from each of the Partner organisations, together with an independent external representative, respected environmentalist Tony Juniper.

The Board’s role – one of strategic oversight of the Partnership’s activities – will be strengthened by the assurance process, and delivered by the dedicated Programme Team through specific Project Teams.

PDF: Governance -- Management of the Partnership -- Board.pdf - Download more information about the Board (24 kb) Opens new window

Programme Team

At the Partnership level, a Programme Team is responsible for the stewardship and delivery of the Partnership’s programme of activities. The Programme Team is made up of individuals, drawn from within the operations arm of each Partner, who are charged with ensuring their own organisation’s contribution.

The Programme Team is responsible for maintaining ongoing strategic and operational work within the Partnership. This involves:

  • Developing the programme in line with the MOU;
  • Setting operational priorities and making recommendations;
  • Overseeing the monitoring and evaluation framework and delivery;
  • Ensuring the transfer of learning and the sharing of knowledge; and
  • Project management

PDF: Governance -- Management of the Partnership -- Programme Team.pdf - Download more information about the Programme Team (115 kb) Opens new window

Project Teams

At a project level, the delivery of each project’s objectives is the responsibility of a Project Team, composed of a lead Partner and other local partners and stakeholders. Projects will engage key local stakeholders in project scoping, design and review, manage project resources, and reporting to the Partnership Board through the Programme Team against the measures defined.

PDF: Governance -- Management of the Partnership -- Project Teams.pdf - Download more information about the Project Teams (21 kb) Opens new window

How we report

All projects funded by the Partnership produce regular reports for review at Programme Team meetings, with high-level summaries to the Partnership Board. We regularly update progress on our projects on this website.