bat biodiversity partnership - Assurance

A key aspect of our ongoing credibility is the objective evaluation of the governance of our operations, and the independent review of our activities.

Independent assurance

Until 2010, independent assurance of the Partnership was provided by leading science academics. They provided external perspectives on how the Partnership was performing, advised on the quality of the approach and its content, and made recommendations to the Programme team.

With the wider remit of Term 3, all four Partners agreed that enhancements were required to the existing internal processes, and that independent assurance by an auditing firm was also obtained. We have therefore engaged PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP Opens new window  as our independent external assurance provider for the next five years (until 2015) and appointed one independent external representative on the Partnership Board.

This involves:

  • Independent evaluation of our governance processes to deliver our overall objectives;
  • An independent external voice for the Partnership Board;
  • Constructive critical commentary to drive continual improvement in our management processes, structure and governance; and
  • Provision of an annual independent assurance statement.

The Biodiversity Partnership assurance closing statements summarise progress during each year of term 3 (2011-2015). The annual closing statements are posted here.

PDF: BATBP Closing Statement 2015 - BATBP closing statement 2015 (626 kb) Opens new window

PDF: BATBP closing statement 2014 - BATBP closing statement 2014 (555 kb) Opens new window

PDF: BATBP closing statement for 2013 - BATBP closing statement for 2013 (417 kb) Opens new window

PDF: BATBP closing statement for 2012 - BATBP closing statement for 2012 (1,710 kb) Opens new window

PDF: BATBP closing statement for 2011 - BATBP closing statement for 2011 (203 kb) Opens new window

Independent evaluation at a project level

Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of each project will help to ensure that our work is meeting its goals and objectives, as well as providing additional insight into biodiversity outcomes. The format of this evaluation will depend on the type of project, but it will be designed to be appropriate and valuable to the delivery of those programmes and projects.
It is the responsibility of each Project Team to ensure that advice on relevant standards and global best practice are included within the design of each project.