bat biodiversity partnership - Building capacity of individuals and organisations

As well as building capacity in  British American Tobacco, working on tools such as BROA and the global biodiversity risk mapping tool enhanced the NGO’s capacity to engage with business on sustainable agriculture and supply chains, and to showcase the work of the Partnership at high-level forums. Effective conservation relies on the skills of individuals and organisations. The Convention on Biological Diversity, the Kyoto Protocol and the Millennium Development Goals all cite the need for conservation career development. Term 2 enabled all three NGO Partners to train individuals, support their conservation partners and strengthen their own capacity. 

Earthwatch Institute

Earthwatch Institute’s Capacity Building Programme worked with more than 75 partner organizations to identify more than 200 individuals to benefit from tailored training. For many of these individuals, this was a unique opportunity to work with and learn from scientists in the field. Term 2 enabled Earthwatch Institute to develop a new capacity-building strategy and new alumni outreach materials, as well as supporting programmes in Africa, South East Asia and Belarus. 

In a follow-up survey of participants, 100 per cent said that they had put the skills they learnt into practice and 96 per cent were still working in biodiversity conservation.

Fauna & Flora International

Funding has contributed to helping over 50 of Fauna & Flora International’s 130 partner organisations (civil society, community groups, universities and governmental departments) to strengthen their biodiversity conservation impacts. Support has ranged from formal institutional development based on needs assessments, to organizational mentoring, to technical guidance, and access to networks and resources.

Some specific examples include:

  • Through the Global Trees Campaign (a significant global programme focusing on the survival of threatened tree species) at least 17 institutions received training on threatened tree conservation.
  • Recruiting and training rangers and mentoring local municipal authorities to manage Maderas Volcano Natural Reserve in Nicaragua, providing a platform for the designation of the whole of Ometepe Island as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2010.

The return on investment from the Partnership is considerable. For example, in the Building Partnerships for Conservation work in the Asia Pacific region, its largest programme portfolio,
every pound donated by British American Tobacco enabled this portfolio to secure a further £86 for conservation.

Tropical Biology Association

The Partnership’s resources have enabled the Tropical Biology Association to build expertise in biodiversity conservation and research in Africa and South East Asia through the provision of field training courses and specialist workshops. Taught by leading international scientists and conservation experts, the month-long field-based courses in East Africa, Madagascar and Borneo teach students how to apply up-to-date concepts in ecology and conservation in the field. The specialist workshops provide environmental institutions with the practical training and resources they need to enhance their impact on biodiversity and ecosystem services.