bat biodiversity partnership - The business case for the NGO partners

Through working in partnership, the NGO Partners are able to realise their key organisational conservation aims and extend their reach in line with their mission.

All three NGOs promote biodiversity conservation in protected areas and sites of high biodiversity value, but recognise that it is equally important to reach out to the modified and degraded landscapes where most people live. 

"As a conservation organisation, we have found that one effective way of bringing about change is by working alongside private companies to address the problems where they have a significant impact."
Pippa Howard, Director, Business and Biodiversity Programme, Fauna & Flora International

Through the Partnership the NGOs have positive impacts in landscapes across British American Tobacco’s operations and beyond.  It enables the NGOs to develop better understanding of the drivers of change in the agricultural sector and the complex livelihood and conservation issues that farmers face.  Supporting a multinational company to become a sector leader in addressing biodiversity loss, the NGOs gain opportunities to work with rural communities to address these issues; to raise standards and awareness across the sector; and to develop tools and case studies that benefit the wider business and conservation community.

Overall, the reputation of all the Partners is enhanced by the continuing success of the Partnership as a truly collaborative initiative.

"As an environmental NGO, Earthwatch engages people in scientific research to change attitudes and promote sustainability. Our goal is to influence and inform policy makers, society leaders and land managers. This we do by working with businesses committed to improving their environmental performance. The BAT partnership demonstrates this potential, and BAT deserves credit for its commitment to embed biodiversity conservation as good business practice."
Nigel Winser, Executive Vice President, Earthwatch