bat biodiversity partnership - Project Design management

With the renewal of the Partnership for a further five years from 2011, we have updated and enhanced our project design and management processes. Project design and management differ between the two Programmes of work within the Partnership – Operational Programme and NGO Aligned Programme. 

Operational Programme

The Operational Programme is the responsibility of the Programme Team who also play a key role in Project Management. Each Operational project is led by one Partner in conjunction with identified local Partners / stakeholders.

The projects engage with key local/relevant stakeholders in project scoping, design and review stages. Management of project resources is the responsibility of the lead partner, delivery of project objectives is the responsibility of the Project Team.

NGO Aligned Programme

The NGO Aligned Programme will be delivered independently by each NGO Partner and the BAT Partner. The NGO Partners will keep the Programme Team informed of progress and outcomes of NGO Aligned projects and these projects are presented to the Partnership Board for feedback annually (not approval).

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Risk management

Effective risk management is an essential element of the Partnership’s Programme management and takes place at both project level and at Programme level.
Our basic check list for risk management includes:

  • Definition of clear risk parameters
  • Quantifying identified risks to allow prioritisation and focus.
  • Monitoring of the risks.
  • Reporting and escalation procedures if any of the identified risk ratings change or the risks materialise.

We maintain a log of project risks identifying in which project risks have arisen and who is responsible for monitoring them. Risk logs are reviewed at every Programme Team meeting and high level risks are reviewed at the Partnership Board meetings.

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