bat biodiversity partnership - Partnership events

The Biodiversity Partnership is engaging with a range of organisations and forums on business and biodiversity, and the BROA tool in use outside the tobacco sector. In this section of the website we look at the events the biodiversity partnership has taken part in.

2 Degrees network engagement

Since March 2014 the Partnership has been working with the 2 Degrees Network to promote the BROA tool as a solution to addressing landscape-level sustainability issues to the broader agriculture industry. The partners produced a series of blogs and an editorial piece to explain the tool and how it operates, and some of the business and conservation benefits it can provide:

Biodiversity: Why businesses need to look beyond their own supply chain Opens new window

Sustainability game changer: Finding business solutions at a landscape scale Opens new window

Do sustainable farms mean sustainable supply chains? Opens new window

Making the case for managing biodiversity risk and opportunities in agricultural supply chains Opens new window

The partnership also participated in the Sustainable Supply Chain Summit hosted by 2 Degrees in London, facilitating discussion at a roundtable with other companies and organisations interested in managing biodiversity in their agricultural supply chains.

Finally. members of the Partnership ran a webinar on BROA, the full recording of which can be accessed here Opens new window.